Our Services

IJO Vent is a company that has some years in the market and has earned a place between the best construction companies in the country, and the best locally in Santa Fe, even having some branches in different parts of the US.

We have a work team consisting of more than 70 skilled workers in the area, with a high professional level and experience in this type of work; from engineers, architects, builders, maintenance, design, and even management services.


We offer constructions of different types, from build houses, offices, industrial, public equipment, school, industrial warehouses, commercial and many other places.


We also offer advice for our clients or future clients on the specific projects of construction or remodeling that they have in mind; always respecting any idea they want, but also providing expert and professional knowledge about what would be best for them.

Technical Department and Ventilation Installment

We have offices that you can visit and the address is in the contact area, where any query and professional area to establish any type of deadlines, projects, conditions and much more.

Technical Service

All the projects that are carried out in the company will be in charge of a technical architect, who will be the one who will be supervising everything and giving the competent orders to guarantee the results that the clients want.

Also, we have our own mechanical, technical and industrial equipment to carry out all the work that our clients request and to do it in the most professional and accommodating way possible.