Our Clients

Many people have relied on our services and our team to carry out any type of construction and remodeling work as they want, being very satisfied with the results. Here are some of the most recognized clients with whom we have worked locally:

The Ranch House

It’s one of the best-known restaurants in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area. Some time ago they called us in need of our services for a remodeling that they were going to do in the restaurant to give it a little more quality. The project had been stipulated for only 2 months, but the work was finished even 2 weeks before the thought.

Santa Fe Farmers Market

It’s one of the most special places you can find in Santa Fe as a tourist, and it was the work of IJO Vent. It’s a farmers' market that really gave you that vibe of old and historic Indians and immigrants who lived for many years in the city. Also, it’s one of the most praised works, without doubts.

The Plazuela at La Fonda

One of the most elegant places of Santa Fe that you will enjoy completely every day, this place was remodeled by us a short time ago, adding a more aristocratic touch with glass on the roof to appreciate the open air and with touches of design to make it also a little cozier but less imposing.

Plaza Cafe Southside

One of the best jobs we have done and in record time. The owners of the place contacted us to give some tweaks and remodeling in certain things of the place to make it more modern and attractive, being the final result totally incredible and without doubts one of the things that attract more customers for the quality it gives you.