The Homeowner’s Guide – Plastering Your Walls

Plastering a wall is a job that must be done with care to cover all the imperfections of the wall, so you must have a lot of patience. That's why many people hire professionals to do it and be perfect. In case you want to learn because you want to do it for yourself, here we leave you the steps to do it:


First, you must prepare the mixture that will be applied on the walls that’s cement with sand, and little by little you will dilute it with water until it’s thick. You should also notice that the wall is free of any type of dust, dirt, grease and also remove old coatings such as paint or wallpaper that had previously.

And also, you can prevent from staining any part of your home and avoid disasters by placing newspapers, old shirts or sheets on the floor so that if a little mixture is thrown on the floor.


After all the above description is ready, you must apply a funds fixer, and wait for it to dry within a few hours, and you cannot raise any kind of dust or sand because if it doesn’t stick to the wall and it will be a problem.

When drying, you can apply the same plaster or cement or sand mixture, you will be placing it on the wall in small quantities and helping with a trowel, thus trying to fill any part that you see is missing until the wall is completely covered, smooth and level.

Second Application

After applying the first part, you should wait approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour for the mixture to dry on the wall. Then you can apply little by little more mixture to go smoothing any lump that has been with the trowel.

You must be careful especially with the corners because it is a part that is usually difficult to cover. This is our secret weapon.


After the wall has dried completely, you must dry and polish the wall; this is done by first spraying a little water all over the place and passing the trowel to finish smoothing everything.

Final Touch

Already the final touch will depend on the person if you want to paint the wall the way you want or want to put wallpaper.

It really is easier to do than you think, you just have to have a lot of patience and watch tutorials in addition to reading, in order to learn the correct techniques.