Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your kitchen is the most important room in the house. It is the place where you sit, talk and most importantly enjoys FOOD! Having it in the best and perfect condition is what you need to have in order to have a happy home. Keeping your kitchen in mint condition requires you to renovate it from time to time. While renovating it is important to avoid such mistakes:

Focusing on style and not practicality

In the modern age, there are many designs present for kitchens which make it look beautiful such as open cabinets and dark countertops but in real life, these can make your kitchen very impractical. Generally, kitchens require clean and open spaces along with a lot of storage space. So, while renovating your kitchen go with styles that suit your needs.

Not maintaining a good work triangle

You might be wondering what a work triangle is in a kitchen. A work triangle forms from the sink to the stove to the fridge as these are the three key elements present in every kitchen. While renovating your kitchen, it is important not to make it too crowded between the work triangle so that you and your family have enough space to move around.

Getting rid of ample countertop space

countertop The countertops in your kitchen are as important as your stove or your sink! They hold your items, your food, your containers and even right down to your kitchen towels. A lot of times when people renovate their kitchen spaces, they let go of extra counter space to fit in something else but that is where they go wrong. Having more counter space lets you store more while giving you an open and breathing space.

Shopping for appliances later

When people renovate their kitchens, they generally finish up with the big-ticket things first and then look at the appliances later. But that is where you go wrong. While you are renovating your kitchen, you need to shop for appliances at that time so you can make adequate space for them while setting them in the right place as well.

Materials which only look good

This is probably one of the most crucial things you need to think about. Once renovating the kitchen, you might go with materials for floors, countertops and even cabinets which look extremely beautiful along with being heavy on the wallet as well. What people don’t realize when they are doing so is that these materials might look beautiful but they may cause problems from time to time while being difficult to manage. When renovating the kitchen, it is important to go with materials and designs that are practical while making them look good and focusing on what will be comfortable.
house wall 370x250 - The Homeowner's Guide - Plastering Your Walls

The Homeowner’s Guide – Plastering Your Walls

Plastering a wall is a job that must be done with care to cover all the imperfections of the wall, so you must have a lot of patience. That's why many people hire professionals to do it and be perfect. In case you want to learn because you want to do it for yourself, here we leave you the steps to do it:


First, you must prepare the mixture that will be applied on the walls that’s cement with sand, and little by little you will dilute it with water until it’s thick. You should also notice that the wall is free of any type of dust, dirt, grease and also remove old coatings such as paint or wallpaper that had previously.

And also, you can prevent from staining any part of your home and avoid disasters by placing newspapers, old shirts or sheets on the floor so that if a little mixture is thrown on the floor.


After all the above description is ready, you must apply a funds fixer, and wait for it to dry within a few hours, and you cannot raise any kind of dust or sand because if it doesn’t stick to the wall and it will be a problem.

When drying, you can apply the same plaster or cement or sand mixture, you will be placing it on the wall in small quantities and helping with a trowel, thus trying to fill any part that you see is missing until the wall is completely covered, smooth and level.

Second Application

After applying the first part, you should wait approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour for the mixture to dry on the wall. Then you can apply little by little more mixture to go smoothing any lump that has been with the trowel.

You must be careful especially with the corners because it is a part that is usually difficult to cover. This is our secret weapon.


After the wall has dried completely, you must dry and polish the wall; this is done by first spraying a little water all over the place and passing the trowel to finish smoothing everything.

Final Touch

Already the final touch will depend on the person if you want to paint the wall the way you want or want to put wallpaper.

It really is easier to do than you think, you just have to have a lot of patience and watch tutorials in addition to reading, in order to learn the correct techniques.

kitchen 370x250 - Ventilation Renovation Ideas to Up Your Home's Value

Ventilation Renovation Ideas to Up Your Home’s Value

If you have plans to put your house up for sale, you should consider doing some remodeling, and updating things, fixing ventilation problems, and odors control are just a few of the small things that make a difference and increase the probability of sale.

This is because the space will be more attractive to buyers because of its updated design, and its parts in a very good condition, which of course will be in a good state thanks to the repairs made in the passing of remodeling.

Bathrooms and Kitchen

Some people say that kitchen and bathrooms are the most important things in a house, that's why these two areas must be impeccable, besides of being the focus of the buyers and visitors, they are also parts which designers put more effort to update to give a good impact of the house.

Even though the kitchen and bathrooms are nice to look at, at the time of a sale, buyers care about how the wind drafts run through the space and take away odors from the area to the outside of the house.

Think Big With Small Things

Small things always make big differences, so you have to be aware of small details such as door and window frames, decorative lights on the ceiling. They are small coatings that make the house look luxurious and irresistible for buyers. Besides, making little changes to your windows, or using nets will help the wind flow go inside and out.

New Trends

You should be aware of new trends and the most used so your home does not miss anything new and be fashionable. In this way, the house will increase its value and sell faster because buyers always look forward for new things.

Limit the Number of Things

Stay neutral, if you’re going to remodel on your own don’t get out of control by adding many decorations, furniture, tables of different colors, this will cause the house looks very stuffy and will be unpleasant for the eyes.

An Interior Designer

One of the best recommendations would be to find someone specialized as an interior designer to advise you and do a good job together. This option might be expensive but it’s worth it and its result never fails.

No Internal Problems

Make sure the house doesn’t have any electrical problems or leaks in the roof to avoid paying a contractor and that the repairs were more expensive than how you expected. If you do, it's likely to save you time, money and long-term distress.

You cannot stop following at least one of these recommendations, they assure you success in your sale and they remain as an experience for your future sales. It is always a good idea to take advice, and take precautions of what could happen, so you must have everything ready to sell your house.

garden 370x250 - Design Tips to Renovate Your Gardens and Boost Ventilation at Home

Design Tips to Renovate Your Gardens and Boost Ventilation at Home

Having a small space in your yard doesn’t mean you’re not worthy to enjoy having a beautiful garden in full view of everyone while improving the natural ventilation at home when the weather gets warmer. Now with these recommendations, you won’t be able to resist designing your own garden and impressing your neighbors, and we are here to help you.

The way you distribute your plants helps a lot the optical illusion that your garden looks bigger than how it really is, so it's all about organization and playing with the colors of the plants and their sizes.

Outdoor Room

First of all, you have the option of creating an outdoor room, which is, designing a space where your friends and you can have a tea and enjoy nature around, without feeling confined or suffocated by the walls.

Recycled Bricks

You can create a path with brick residues, making your garden look more stylish and giving your guests a guide where to walk so as not to ruin your lawn.

Decorated Trees

Decorating trees or shrubs, nowadays is very fashionable. You can decorate the trunks with crafts or just give it a chic touch by decorating it with extensions of lights around its trunk and branches.

Play With Plants’ Heights

To boost up the natural ventilation inside home it’s important to play with the height of the plants or obstacles the wind waves will encounter on its passing to the house or workspace. Having the windows open when the weather is getting hot, and having trees with different heights far from the window will help the breeze go through faster and cooler than ever.

Wall Staircases

You can take advantage of the wall staircase to place them in one of the garden's patches and fill them with plants to create a nice design and very unusual as those that we lately have been seeing in some stores.

Your Windows Should Be Opening… But Not All The Way

Crossed ventilation is a very intriguing concept, where you have to play and place obstacles like trees or moving windows, so the wind waves can move freely on the entire space.

No More Grass

Another completely different option of what you have been reading before is to eliminate your lawn, place a cement floor and much more flowerpots with different types of plants, this option would go well to people who are busy enough to cut the lawn.


Allowing the seasons of the year to decide for you is a good idea, for example in summer it would be the perfect occasion to decorate your garden with umbrellas and glass glasses which reminds you cold drinks. In winter it’s a good time to decorate with snowmen or snowflakes made of paper, etc.

Everything has to do with letting your mind fly, we hope these tips have given you the initiative and have caught the focus to start designing your own garden and how to decorate it on your own. Don’t lose hope of showing off a beautiful garden, it may even be the best in your neighborhood and keep cool and breezy your entire place.

front 370x250 - 2 Low-Cost Improvements to Do at Home

2 Low-Cost Improvements to Do at Home

The maintenance and repairs of a home or some construction is somewhat expensive for some families or even for some companies that find it difficult in some cases of bad economic times, so there are certain techniques or tricks that you can perform so that maintenance is much cheaper and even a little easier than doing it in the common and expensive way.

Even these techniques can be done when you are interested in selling your home, so you need to put it in good condition to get a little more money. These techniques also help that when doing these jobs, you will not release as much dirt or dust as in the common way of doing it.

Clean the Vinyl On Your Wall

The vinyl is a plastic that can be placed on the walls for both protection and for a decorative point of view, which makes the walls look fantastic and new for many years without painting or anything like that.

But in some cases this vinyl begins to peel off or get dirty, so you should clean it with a dry cloth, rubbing it in different directions and in a necessary case you can stick it back to its place. It is a simple point but that your visitors will take into account visually.

Repaint Exterior Doors, Windows, and Accessories

Being the first thing that people who visit your home see, the doors, windows and all the accessories that are on the outside of your house are a fundamental part when placing a price on your house if you want to sell them or maintain a good decorative presentation in front of the people who visit you, so you should always keep them in good condition and fix them.

These repairs can be done at a very low cost, so you can check in your shed some paintings that you already have or you can buy some at very low cost, that will work. By having your doors and windows in good condition, your house will have a good presence to your guests, neighbors or even appraisers who are going to review the price of your house.

These two tips are the main ones for the repair of your home at very low cost, there are many more that can help you, so get down to work and start renovating your home saving money in the process by following our lead.