first aid 370x250 - The Importance of First Aid Training in the Workplace

The Importance of First Aid Training in the Workplace

Nobody ever likes to think that an accident or injury will occur in the workplace, but it can happen. It can be easy to assume that the role of giving first aid should be delegated to one person, but the truth is that every person can benefit from First Aid Training in West Lothian, Scotland Not only does first aid training allow people to act in the right way should the worst-case scenario arise but offers a multitude of benefits that can ensure that trauma and upset being experienced is minimised as much as possible.  

First Aid Really Does Save Lives

It’s easy to assume that first aid is only needed for injuries like sprains and burns, but the fact of the matter is that those that have first aid knowledge can save someone’s life. Not only will those attending a first aid course be taught how to keep a clear head in stressful situations, but it also offers an effective way of remembering the steps needed, be it the recovery position, or the treatment of an injury. When you consider that someone could die from a blocked airway within a matter of minutes, the importance of first aid course is reinforced.  

It Allows for a Safe Work Environment

It goes without saying that a business will do its best to safeguard employees, but this isn’t to say that accidents don’t happen. It’s easy to assume that nothing serious will arise on the premised in relation to accidents, but even the smallest of circumstances have the potential for an accident to occur. Although there’s no way of foreseeing every potential accident, ensuring that most employees are trained in first aid means that should an accident arise, that the correct actions can be taken straight away.  

Allows Patients to Feel More Comfortable

Sometimes it’s not only the accident or injury that has to be dealt with but also the mood of the patient. Knowing what steps to take ensures that those in pain or discomfort are more comfortable, which will mean they feel calmer, lessening the likelihood of any further injuries or discomfort that arise. The first aid courses avail consists of FAW (First Aid at Work) and EFAW (Emergency First Aid at Work.) The topics discussed during first aid training include crash injuries, Lyme’s Disease, and serious bleeding.  

How Many People Need to Be Trained in First Aid?

Enterprises that have up to 50 employees should ensure that there is at least one first aider, with and an additional one for every other set of 50 workers. However, this is only a recommendation, and even small and family-run businesses can benefit from first aid training. Although there are legal requirements that need to be undertaken by a business to ensure that the workplace is safe, having people on board that are fully knowledgeable in first aid adds that additional layer of confidence when it comes to safety in the workplace.