About IJO Vent


IJO Vent is a company that has been created 6 years ago and is one of the best construction companies in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States.

The CEO is Zak Carroll, the brain of this project that started as a micro business and has grown in such an incredible way that it’s even one of the best construction companies in the country; which speaks excellent of the work of the whole team and of course, the quality.

Through the company, some construction projects or remodeling of domestic spaces are carried out, no matter where in the United States you’re.

The main objective is to continue offering excellent services to the clientele so that they feel satisfied with their investment and continue to choose IJO Vent again.

The work team consists of more than 70 workers in the company is the best and most prepared you can find, with professionals in various areas of construction, architecture, even design, and obviously professional staff in offices such as human resources, administration and more.

That’s why in IJO Vent we try to take all the projects in the most responsible and professional way possible, satisfying everything the client wants but also giving them advice to create or renew any space in a way that’s more convenient for the person. So don’t hesitate to call us today, we will be happy to assist you and work with you.