Roller 1 370x250 - 7 Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

7 Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Are you having problems opening and closing your garage door lately?  Do you feel frustrated because of this?  Are you looking for some professional help? Well, you can get in touch with the SD Garage Doors Company based in Glasgow. With more than 60 years of experience, they are one of the best when it comes to garage door-related issues. On average, your garage door closes and opens about 1500 times a year. Now that’s a huge number! And because of that, there’s no wonder that it suffers from multiple maintenance problems. Here we have discussed some common garage door problems. And yes, we have shared ways to fix them too!
  1.       Your garage door is making unusual noises
While opening or closing your garage door, is it making unusual noises? Is it grinding, squeaking or creaking? The chances are that some parts of your garage door are pressing against each other. The solution? You need to lubricate them in order to prevent them from rubbing against each other. Now, there can be other reasons too. The noise can be caused by worn cables and rollers. In that case, to stop the noise, the best thing that you can do is replace it with a new one. Otherwise, it can have some serious consequences, including breaking during operation. In addition, this will cause more damage to the door. Can you hear the noise of loud bangs on certain occasions when your shutter or garage door is in operation? This can be the reason for a broken spring. If this happens, replace it immediately.
  1.       Your garage door is sticking or already stuck
A properly functioning garage door should be able to move along its tracks while you open or close it. What if your door starts sticking when it is in operation? Or, what if it gets completely stuck? Well, a broken moving part or bent track can cause this. If your garage door stops working, we highly recommend that you call a professional and get it checked. Your garage door might stop working because of obstructions in its tracks. Take your time, inspect and remove anything that you think is stopping your garage door from moving. Now, if your garage door is sticking, it can just be from the lack of lubrication. In order to make your door move, parts in it press against each other. And the track is a part of this too. So make sure that you take care of your garage door properly.  As part of your regular maintenance, apply lubricant on the moving parts too. This will make your garage door work seamlessly.
  1.       Your garage door doesn’t open and close all the way
Does your garage door open partly and then get stopped? Or, does your garage door go halfway down only to get stuck? These can happen because of the following reasons:
  • There is a broken spring
  • You have dirty photo eyes
  • You have not adjusted the limit setting correctly
  • The tracks are not aligned properly
  • There may be some tiny object stuck at the bottom of the door
A malfunctioning garage door suggests that there is an issue with the track, the balance of the door, the springs attached to the door or the door opener. Inspect it well. If the problem persists, call a professional.
  1.       Your garage door has gaps or cracks in sealant or door
Are there splits and cracks in your garage door? They look unattractive. Also, they can affect the secure nature of the garage door. If the sealants have signs of wear and tear, make sure to replace them. For the cracks in the wooden doors, caulk them. This can restore their quality.
  1.       Your garage door closes too fast
A garage door must be safe to use, especially when people and possessions are around it. This is the reason why it is made to close slowly and react if anything blocks its way. Now, when certain parts of the door get damaged or worn, it becomes a threat to animals, people and vehicles. The system fails to react if anything blocks the path of the garage door. As a result, it closes quickly on things that are in its way. Why does this happen? It can be the result of a snapped cable or spring. How can you fix it? You need to replace it immediately so that your garage door gets back to its perfect condition. Also, it will be safe to use again.
  1.       Your garage door doesn’t stay open
 Are you having problems keeping your garage door or shutter open? There might be a faulty spring system or spring. It should be replaced or fixed. A word of caution! Don’t try to replace or fix the springs yourself, especially if you are not a trained professional. This can turn out to be dangerous, and you might injure yourself in the process. Also, if you don’t do it in the correct way, it can further damage your garage door.
  1.       You can’t close your automated garage door
A lot of commercial businesses and homeowners use automated garage doors and shutters. In a day, they are used numerous times. This can make the safety sensors move. So, if you see that your garage door is not opening even after pushing the opening button several times, check the safety sensors. You need to adjust them so that they can get back to their working condition. These are ways you can troubleshoot some of the most common garage door problems. Of course, you need to be very careful while fixing your garage door issues. Otherwise, accidents can take place. After all, your safety should be your number one priority. However, know that it is always best to consult a professional and let them do the hard work.