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2 Tips to Choose a Good Roof and Windows Sealant

The windows and roof of a house is one of the main and fundamental parts of it, so it should have some care and maintenance so that it can fulfill its protective function in the best way and avoid any inconvenience that may arise at the time of finishing the construction of it.

To maintain the integrity of the roof and windows it is recommended to place a special coating called sealant, which keeps it in optimal conditions avoiding any problems of leaks, cracks, among other things, and on windows, it helps to avoid the flow of the air conditioner wind draft to lose or don’t reach all places and goes out the windows. So we must take into account many factors that are:


In some areas, according to the environmental factors or the material of which the roof is built, the sealant will be applied in a different way or place than others, but before applying it, certain tests should be made with different materials such as rubber or liquid rubber, or asphalt, in the case of the roof, etc.

With these tests, you can see the acceptance of certain materials to the exposure of UV rays and the outdoor which makes then have thermal regulation, waterproofing, among others.

All these sealants are of European manufacture which makes them 100% quality, guaranteed with the highest standards of cohesion, adhesion, reactivity, movement capacity, and elasticity, resistance to stress, climatic stability, flammability, and cost, being the best in the world in this area.


There are several types of sealants that we can find in the market according to the necessary characteristics in the construction work, which can be:

Polysulphide Sealant

It is the oldest and the most reliable, for its permeability and protection, it is a bit expensive with respect to other options that are in the market, but its quality is guaranteed, it has great protection against UV rays and its duration is 20 years or more by avoiding leakage, and cracks and creases on the windows.

Silicone Sealant

It is the most common used in the market, thanks to its low price and easy access, it has problems with metal surfaces because of the corrosion that may occur, they are resistant to UV discoloration, they are not recommended for areas that release a lot of heat since the product would not stick very well.

Polyether Sealant

They are for roofs that have moisture and serves to cure it, they last a lot, more than silicone, besides having a good bond can resist the cold, which would make it work like a thermal material, they are easily applied and have a good resistance to UV rays already outside, can last from 20 to 30 years if placed correctly.

To perform this type of work and choose the indicated sealant there are many things to take into account, but these two are some of the main ones, we hope that it worked perfectly for you.